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Advanced Reporting & Metrics

Easily measure and understand how your employee communications performs across your diverse employee set and employ these insights to improve your strategy. Proze leverages our 20 years of email data analytics and makes reporting easily accessible to our clients. We give you instant access to nearly limitless key performance trackers for every email sent. If we don’t have a report you want we can create it for you.

Advanced Reporting & Metrics

Advanced Reporting & Metrics

Advanced Reporting & Metrics

Trending Reports by Employee Profile

Heat Mapping

Content Engagement Report

Comparison Reports


Proze comes standard with 20+ reports, providing a nearly limitless source of data analysis. Some key capabilities are:

  • Confirm and prove your internal communications are working with powerful insights and advanced analytics, including embedded pulse surveys.

  • Gather important intelligence on who, when and how employees consume your messages by analyzing the devices, email clients and browsers used to view your messaging.

  • Identify via limitless key ‘tags’ to find out the 'types' of content viewed or even by what Geographic region they may be located.

  • See how your content performs by employee roles, business unit, country and numerous other profile attributes. You identify a profile attribute – we can report on it!

  • Determine best time and day to send emails by geo-targeting your messages.

  • Identify and understand trends that provide actionable insights by segmenting reporting by almost any identifiable profile variable.

  • Easily measure and report on various engagement levels and employee trends for all your content and articles published – who is reading what and where. Track your intranet or specific landing pages links from your emails.

  • View a heat map of employee click activity providing more information on how to improve visibility of important content. Easily see what content your employees do and do not respond to.

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