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Improve responsiveness & save valuable time

Automation is an invaluable set of "triggers", "drips & auto-responders" and "workflows" that can improve employee experiences, responsiveness and engagement. For example:

  • Send a welcome email to new hires automatically the day after they are hired.

    • Or, take that a step further and send a series of emails, for example, over the first couple weeks of employment, such as:

      • Day 1: Welcome email​

      • Day 2: Learn more about your benefits (HR details and links to forms)

      • Day 3: Meet the company executives (video email from CEO)

      • Day 7: Training classes you might find valuable

      • Day 14: Connect with peers who have similar interests

    • The above "Drip Email" flow has virtually limitless design scenarios, as well as programmable "triggers" that can be assigned to specific employee behaviors. For example:

      • Let's say you create an automated email in response to employees filling out a form to watch a training video.

        • (Trigger) If an employee watches a video to completion, send a message to HR.

        • (Trigger) If after 3 days, an employee does not open the email at all, resend the email to them (or send, alternatively, and SMS message with a link to the video).​​

  • Send Happy Birthday or annual company-hire-anniversary emails. Design them once, turn it on, and it simply runs automatically.

  • Automatically re-send emails/newsletters to people who didn't open them the first time. Simply check a "Resend to Inactives" box when scheduling the first email, and Proze automatically takes care of the "re-send".

In addition to email and SMS relation automations, Proze has other built-in automated capabilities that will improve the effectiveness of your communications, as well as the productivity of your internal comms team. Examples include:

  • Send automated invitations, reminders, or confirmation emails for training events - or tie it into your internal company workflows using our automation-API.

  • Automate time zone and ‘Predictive Mode’ delivery options.

  • Upload and synchronize all employee data directly from your “employee source of truth” system (Active Directory, WorkDay, or other HRIS) with our smart auto-sync and mapping capabilities.

  • Send automatically generated reports on a scheduled basis to a predefined list.

  • Create, update, and distribute customized, branded email templates, surveys, internal-lists and dynamic-queries across any/all Proze authors and accounts.

  • Integrate with RSS feeds to automatically import new content into Proze for publishing newsletters or newsfeeds.

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