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 Modernize your email for employee communications with Proze.
Stunning interactive content within targeted emails & texts

Patent-pending embedded video-in-email & AI
Watch the video above to get an overview of Proze
  • Newsletters & Campaigns

  • Automated Drips (e.g. new hire welcome)

  • True Embedded Video, Polls & Surveys

  • Powerful Drag & Drop Designer

  • Hemingwai Assistant (Content + Images)

  • Time Zone & Predictive Delivery

  • Workflow Approval System

  • Rich Analytics (30+ Reports)

  • Sync with Distribution Lists / HR

  • Integrate with 100+ applications

Smart Content-Targeting

Individualize content-blocks based on employees role, title, department and more. It's an innovation that can boost engagement and significantly reduce production time. 

Engage Employees Like Never Before

Literally double your engagement rates with innovations such as true embedded-in-email video, video-as-a-background, podcasts, polls, quizzes, ratings and more. With patent-pending innovations, "up your email game" with a vast array of interactive content tools.

Simplify Email Creation

Dramatically simplify (and ENJOY) email creation and cut production time with our drag-and-drop design tools. Use our "Hemingwai" AI assistant to proofread or translate content, generate eye-popping images, or suggest eye-catching subject lines. Proze was built for multiple authors to elegantly work together, and save time.


Our analytics offer critical views of data on employee engagement, helping you see trends by department, role, office, country and more. Get insights as to the best day and time to communicate, and learn what "types and topics" of content employees engage most with.


Proze elegantly integrates with the important platforms you already have, including Workday and Microsoft's Outlook, Teams, Yammer, Stream, Exchange, Active Directory, and Sharepoint. We also offer a breadth of APIs for deeper integration opportunities.


Proze offers sophisticated "automation" tools to increase engagement, productivity and knowledge. For example, you can set-up a "New Employee" welcome-email-series, or automate the sending of customized reports to your management team, and much more.

Fortune Top 50 Company (Manufacturing)

"Proze’s Smart Content Targeting fundamentally changed how we managed lists and delivered more engaged messaging. Employees now receive content that’s applicable to their role, department and various profile attributes. Better yet - engagement has doubled."

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See Proze in Action

Proze is one of the most robust content-management and messaging systems you will ever use. Rich visual elements can be added to your emails through a simple drag-and-drop wizard, grabbing your audience's attention and generating valuable feedback for you to analyze.

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